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“Under Influence” is a catalogue I designed about Art under the influence of drugs. The catalogue is divided into five chapters, each chapter is dedicated to another drug and presenting artists work that was done under this specific drug influence. The catalogue shows the artists point of view regarding their addictions. The catalogue was printed on five different types of paper,  each type suits the ambience of the drug it represents.

This project was made as part of my visual communication studies.

Tools used: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects.

תחת השפעה 1.jpg
תחת השפעה 3.jpg
תחת השפעה 15.jpg
תחת השפעה 9.jpg
תחת השפעה 8.jpg
תחת השפעה 7.jpg
תחת השפעה 6.jpg
תחת השפעה 13.jpg
תחת השפעה 5.jpg
תחת השפעה 4.jpg
תחת השפעה 11.jpg
תחת השפעה 14.jpg
תחת השפעה 12.jpg